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Something you love, Message us to talk offers!!
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What's a consistent "Antique Go To" for you?

For ME, it's a good ole sturdy HUTCH!

I have several and they have served many purposes, I love moving them around our houses. I even have small hutches for bathroom and laundry areas. However, two in particular are my favorites, and given that one was purchased in MA and the other in NC, they are so similar it is scary. These hutches are even built out of the same grain of hardwood.

These two very well built beauties will become part of my new NC Farmhouse Kitchen. I plan on adding the same molding to the second one pictured here to tie it into the design and match the height because it is only an inch shorter.

Massachusetts Hutch

North Carolina Hutch 

Right now we are in "pending" mode for the kitchen because we need to destroy a bathroom that is in the way.  The many hutches serve as my kitchen cabinets now (2 more are in this room as well) and soon we will get to move things around and start my design.  Exciting!

Comment and show me your kitchen hutches!



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