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Hey friends ~ 

I just got my new shop sign this week. I'm really excited about it! 

I have a large sign post at the end of my drive and I needed a hanging option. I chose steel because it was pretty economical and I want it to withstand the weather and age nicely. I have to mount it to a white board so that all wording can be read clearly. I chose to have the smaller words carved, but the name Olde Post Vintage in solid steel, I think it worked out great.

So our house is really old, 1876 - and the back story has been confirmed that even though it is a farmhouse style and a very large family lived here, the downstairs living-room area, used to be a Post Office & the County Commissioner also worked from that sitting area. So, hence the name Olde Post Vintage, and my logo style is that of a Postal Box! I did not want to overdue it with too much fancy detail and removed a few of the original words, but really wanted to mimic an old post box. I think it came out pretty sweet! The shop is in our large barn, maybe one day you'll be in the area and can stop on by! 

What made you decide on your logo?  What was your inspiration for the imagery you chose? Drop me a note.. 

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